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June 19, 2009

Pakistan Battles Drought with Cloud Seeding Experiments

(note: from The Tribune, 08/08/2000)

Pakistan creates artificial rain

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s Meteorological Department has succeeded in creating artificial rains in drought-hit Thar desert, Cholistan, Khuzdar and other areas.

Making this announcement, the department’s Director-General Qamar-uz-Zaman Chaudhry told the Press here that of the 24 cloud-seeding experiments conducted during the last six weeks, 15 had been successful.

Chaudhry said suitable clouds for the experiment were identified first, before chemicals were sprayed on them with the help of aircraft from the Army Aviation and Plant Protection Department.

The chemicals used for cloud seeding were absolutely environment friendly, and included silver iodide, calcium chloride, salt, dry ice, dust, and liquid carbon dioxide.

“In our experiments we used salt to create desired atmospheric conditions for the rainfall. We used 40 kg of salt for a 50-square-kilometre radius in our experiments. So literally, we only paid for fuelling the aircraft, costing about Rs 8,000 for one-hour flight,” Chaudhry said.

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