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November 10, 2008

Hurricane Help From Chemtrails?

(Images below from: NEXSAT and The National Hurricane Center, text authored by A. de Roche of Blanket Effect Staff)

On 10/25/08, Chemtrail spraying appeared over Colombia's northern coastal region.(image at left)

Approximately one week later, on 11/02/08, when substantial 'cloud' formation had built up over the Atlantic ocean, new chemtrails were seen on the northwestern storm front line.(image at right)

To the left is a satellite image of what's left of Hurricane 'Paloma' after it was an impressive category 4 hurricane with winds up to 135 mph/115 knots last weekend. (click image for current animation, image is slow to load)

Although confirming data is sketchy at this point, the obvious chemtrail patches in Paloma's evolving history do raise some eyebrows in the Weather Modification research community.

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