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June 2, 2008

Secrets Revealed

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HAARP is a large phased array electromagnetic wave generator located in Alaska.

The involvement of Dr. Bernard Eastlund in its creation has been well documented in books and in magazine articles and newpapers.

During the period in which many of the books and articles were written, Dr. Eastlund was under a 15 year confidentiality agreement with ARCO (The Atlantic Richfield Company).

That confidentiality agreement has now matured.

The [] website will present information regarding the development of the ARCO patents and the founding of APTI (Now owned by AES Corporation) the corporation managing the HAARP facility.)

The ARCO patents referred to in [the] website are three patents that Dr. Eastlund assigned to ARCO because he was a consultant.

They are: U.S. Patents 4,686,605, 4,712,155 Nx 5,038,664.


The science of weather modification is in its infancy.

When the ARCO patents were written in 1984, the only scientific approach was salting clouds with silver iodide.

One of the reasons weather modification is not a science is that scientists have made what they considered to be reasonable assessments of the relative size of forcing technologies (such as wind generators, microwave heaters, or explosions) and determined that the large size of weather systems make it useless to attempt to change weather patterns with human intervention.

The energy turnover of a storm system can be related to an equivalent power through the rainfall rate.

The various severe storm categories are related to the total electric power consumption of New York City in the table below:



MAJOR STORM SYSTEM 10,000 New York Cities

HURRICANE 100,000 New York Cities

The power levels required for the ARCO antenna to create MEV electrons and defeat a missile attack by the Soviet Untion was estimated to require generation of a power equivalent to 100,000 New York Cities for a time period of 20 minutes.

Dr. Eastlund was aware that these power levels were equivalent to the power in such big systems and also comparable to the local energy in the stratosphere of the polar jet stream, which comes near the Prudhoe Bay ARCO installation.

For that reason, two of the five patents included suggestions for weather modification.

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