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June 25, 2008

Guess It's Okay In War

(note: After over two years of ongoing research by the Blanket Effect staff, there is little doubt that the bulk of the United State's weather modification program is based on defense initiatives.

In the following excerpts from a defense document
Joint Vision 2010, hints of what's to come from new technologies created by the defense department are highlighted.

We open with an introduction of the featured document from another defense oriented site)

Excerpt from The Information Warfare Site:

In July 1996, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff published his vision of how the U.S. military will prepare to meet the challenges of an uncertain future.

Entitled Joint Vision 2010 (JV2010), this document identifies four "new" operational concepts that, if mastered, will allow the U.S. military to engage in "decisive operations" and succeed in any mission at any level of war from peace operations through nuclear war.

Excerpts from Joint Vision 2010:

Long-range precision capability, combined with a wide range of delivery systems, is emerging as a key factor in future warfare.

Technological advances will continue the trend toward improved precision, Global positioning systems, high-energy research, electromagnetic technology, and enhanced stand-off capabilities will provide increased accuracy and a wider range of delivery options.


The ability to produce a broader range of potential weapons effects, from less-lethal to hard target kill, from sensor-fused to directed energy weapons, will further enhance precision capability.

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