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April 8, 2008

The Magic Tubes

(excerpts and all images from Etheric Rain Engineering)

An environmentally pure technology has been developed by practical men, to deal with drought effectively.

No chemicals or radiation in any form are employed.

Etheric rain engineering accesses and technologically employs the chemical ether, which permeates and controls the atmosphere via the ether's mighty, yet gossamer-subtle flows.

Over a developmental period exceeding 30 years, etheric rain engineering has been utilized in numerous successful operations.

Beginning with ponderous, fixed-base operations employing arrays of up to 150 water-grounded tubes, this art and science has continuously evolved.

Advances have been both technical and theoretical. By the year 2002, the huge, static, water-grounded arrays have been replaced by a single, hollow tube of sensitive construction.

These tubes are carried aboard helicopters or light aircraft, and do not employ chemicals, electric power, or electromagnetic radiation in any form.

ETHERIC RAIN ENGINEERING, Pte. Ltd., is a Singapore corporation formed specifically for the commercial implementation of airborne etheric rain engineering.

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