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March 24, 2008

It's No Laughing (Gas) Matter

(note: patent information for controlling a hurricane, excerpts from

Tropical hurricane control system

United States Patent 20070158449
Inventors: Hoffmann, Eugene J. (Sun City, FL, US)
Lund, David E. (Hertford, NC, US)
Filing Date:
Publication Date: 07/12/2007


The invention turns a hurricane/tropical cyclone into a tropical rainstorm by spraying a super coolant such as liquid oxygen, or liquid hydrogen, or liquid nitrogen, or other super cold liquid gas around the top of the eye wall and additionally if needed, into the front of the eye wall, or forming eye wall using aircraft with pre-measured amounts of super coolant.

Based on actual results, a real time computer system will be developed to enable communications between aircraft and control the amount of super coolant dispersed.

The result of the invention will reduce/eliminate the damage to life and property due to high winds and storm surge as well as the staggering costs for rebuilding.

Background of The Invention

1. Field of Invention

The purpose of the procedure is to control and minimize the threat of tropical cyclones, which have been increasing in quantity and intensity in recent years.

(image left: graph of annual cyclone activity in Australian region, from

It is our belief that global warming is playing an increasing role in this situation. Without a solution to counteract these tropical cyclones, they can continue to increase in intensity causing even greater loss of life, storm damage, and negative effect on our economy.

(image right of U.S. hurricane frequency, from

There have been very limited attempts to control tropical cyclones in the past and success has been limited due to the agents used. We believe that our solution is vastly superior to prior solutions.

The method, the introduction of a super coolant such as liquid oxygen, or liquid hydrogen, or liquid nitrogen can disrupt and cause a tropical cyclone to diminish in intensity and become a rainstorm; break the forming or recently formed eye wall, or implode by spraying a super coolant to the top and front of the eye wall, which will lower temperatures, create ice and ice water.

The super coolant can either be sprayed or dropped from one or more aircraft from above the top of the forming or recently formed tropical cyclone eye wall.

It is necessary to control the amount of super coolant dispensed. This can be done either from a spray in a pre-measured container or other pre-measured containers, which could be dropped from the aircraft from above the forming or recently formed eye wall.

This would insure that the super coolant reaches it's target and that there is minimal risk to the aircraft and the crew.

The amount of super coolant that would be used would vary according to the size of the tropical cyclone forming or recently formed eye wall and the desired effect.

Other factors would be wind speed, temperature, barometric pressure, and other factors that help make up a tropical cyclone.

In order to determine how much super coolant to disperse, based on estimates and actual results, a real-time computer system and its program must take in all the pertinent data and determine how much super coolant to use, and when to do it.

The rate at which the tropical cyclone is rotating, the rate that the super coolant is fed into the upper portions of the forming or recently eye wall, and the speed at which maximum disruption occurs will determine when the computer determines to start dumping the super coolant.

The real-time computer system will measure the amount of super coolant that is dispersed, stop the dispersion when the correct amount is reached, and inform the operator that the dispersion is completed.

As soon as super coolant is added, the tropical cyclone disruption begins.

The more super coolant that is introduced, the greater the effect will be and the longer it will last. Based on calculations and actual data, the computer program will be designed for optimum effect. That is why the computer system is needed to make this determination.

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