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February 21, 2008

Yesterday and Tomorrow: China's Plans

(note: We conclude our series excerpted from a report on Chinese weather modification, translated from Chinese to English. Due to the poor translation, grammatical errors are corrected by The Blanket Effect editor. For all three postings in this series, click China/Huzhijin link)

Precipitation Enhancement in China: A Developing Technology for Obtaining Additional Water from Sky
Hu Zhijin
Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences

Three dimensional model[s] [have] showed significant dynamical effect of seeding, [with] local temperature[s] increased for several tenths [of a] degree and updraft increased for more than 10cm/s, which was favorable for cloud growth.

Dry ice, liquid nitrogen and Agl were used in airplane for seeding in stratiform clouds. The improved AgI-acetone burner could produce ice faster and more.

Artillery shells containing agI were used widely. AgI pyrotechnics were developed for airborne flares and rockets.

Particles of common salt, calcium chloride, and urea were used in airplane for warm cloud seeding. The seeding dosage was much greater than ice forming agents.

In future decades the water problem in the North of China will be sharpened with the rapid growth of population and national economy. (image at right projection of China's predicted population, click image for detail, from

Water scarcity will be an important factor, which restrict the developement of our nation. PE will attract more attention from [the] government and public as a tool of obtaining additional water from sky.

At present PE technology is still in its developing stage. Many scientific-technical problems have not been completely resolved. However, we do have the scientific tools and techniques available to make necessary advancements.

The objectives of long-term development of PE in China are suggested as following:

-To strengthen the scientific research and experiments in order to make advance in the following key directions:
-To develop and prove the PE concepts
-To clarify the cloud condition suitable for PE and to develop the technology of its real-time detection
-To optimize the cloud seeding method, and to develop the technology of its realization;
-To study the reliable method and technology for evaluating the PE effect

In order to resolve the key problems in science and technology of PE, a proposal of the national PE research project for obtaining additional water supply is put forward.

By taking advantage of different institutions and through national and international cooperation a long term, [a] well designed PE experiment is suggested.

International cooperation is important for scientific-technological progress. Cooperation between US-Thai and Russia-Syria in [the] PE field has got good results.

[The] introduction of advanced technology and equipment of monitoring, such as multi-functional radar of various wavelengths, airborne and ground-based microwave radiometers, technology of cloud parameter detection by using satellites, physical and chemical methods of tracking the seeding aerosols etc. will be very useful for China.

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