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February 21, 2008

History of China's WM Program

(note: In part one of this series, we offer an updated posting of a report on Chinese weather modification, translated from Chinese to English. Due to the poor translation, grammatical errors are corrected by The Blanket Effect editor. For emerging series, click China/HuZhijin link)

Precipitation Enhancement in China: A Developing Technology for Obtaining Additional Water from Sky

Hu Zhijin
Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences

Abstract: General information about the precipitation enhancement activities in China is given, including its social demand, organization and scale scientific foundation, technology of cloud seeding and effect evaluation. Future development is also discussed

In [a] large part of the North of China the annual rainfall decreased significantly [over the last] 20 years.

The growth of [the] population and the development of economy [has led] to a high increase of water demand.

Water shortage, frequent droughts, [a] fall in ground water level, [the] break of streamflow in Huanghe River and other water problems attract great attention from [the] government and society.

Precipitation enhancement (PE) started in 1958 in China. In recent years PE activities have drawn greater attention and support from government at different levels and has been highly commended by the people who have benefited from it.

In 1997, 18 provinces mainly in the North of China conducted PE operations using 260 airplane [flights].

1167 counties (about 40% of the total) were involved in artillery shooting and rocket launching activities for PE and hail suppression.

At present PE activities in China are mainly organized and financially supported by [the] local government at different levels. They are managed, conducted, and guided in technology by [the] local meterological administration.

At [the] national level, "National Coordination meeting on Weather Modification" [was] created in 1994, which is responsible [for] organizing, coordination and guiding the weather modification activities across the country.

13 ministries and committee[s] take part in this meeting, the permanent office of which is located at China Meterological Administration.

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