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January 10, 2008

Look Out Below...

(note: originally from Southern Metropolis Daily, translated by CDT:)


On September 6 [2006], in Tongxin County of Ningxia province, nine rain rockets were fired to alleviate drought. One of the rockets fell and injured a migrant worker.

The victim is named Li Wenqing, 38. At 5 am that day, it suddenly rained very hard. Migrant workers who constructed the Xihe bridge ran to their sheds and hid from the rain.

Around 6:00am, loud thunder cracked three times. Then one rain rocket fell, went through the shed and directly stuck into the back of Li, who was still sleeping under a bed cover. Li fainted right away.

Some workers sent Li to Tongxin County Hospital. They found the diameter of the rocket is about 10 centimeters, and the rocket is about one meter long. The hospital was unable to remove the huge shells.

They managed to dismantle the latter half of the rocket, but the first half still remained in Li's body. Then he was sent to the Ningxia Medical College Hospital for treatment. On the next day of 7th Li had a three-hours surgery. The 30 centimeter long shell fragments were removed.

An official from the weather bureau of Tongxin County said rain shells are military products, which are not 100% safe. The safety rate is about 97%.

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