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January 22, 2008

Peru Got A Whiff, Too

(note: this is part 7 of our series on barium particles released from experimental tests conducted throughout the world, from Defense Technical Information Center DTIC. For series, click DTIC link)

Title: Barium Cloud Test in Peru

Corporate Author:

Report Date: NOV 1981

Abstract : In an effort to investigate the mechanism causing ionospheric irregularities to form in the equatorial region, an experiment was designed by the Max Planck Institute involving the release of two barium clouds in the F region just after sunset. (image right of sunset in Lima, Peru, from

The electric field resulting from the two barium clouds was expected to trigger an ionospheric irregularity which would propagate up through the ionosphere as a depletion bubble. (image left of cloud anomaly, from

This report describes an attempt to observe the ionospheric irregularity as it passed through the line-of-sight between an aircraft and a communication satellite.

The aircraft was equipped with a UHF receiver which measured phase and amplitude of the downlink Satellite Signal.

Due to the release of the barium 50 km below the planned altitude no significant ionospheric irregularities were formed. (image right of: Machu Picchu, Peru, from

The aircraft measured minor amplitude variation (1dB) and no significant phase variations resulting from ionospheric irregularities triggered by the barium release.

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