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January 22, 2008

Is It Real Or Is It......

(note: this is part 6 in our series detailing barium releases and related research, from Defense Technical Information Center - DTIC For complete series, click DTIC link)

Title : Image Effects in Barium Cloud-Ionospheric Interactions.


Report Date : OCT 1973

Abstract : The report describes the dynamical motion of a 'small' barium plasma cloud, released in the upper ionosphere, which is electrically coupled to the lower ionosphere.

The barium cloud induces an image cloud in the lower ionosphere and both structures rotate and elongate with time to form a high density core, sheet-like structures which are aligned at a definite angle with the E x B motion of the cloud.

This angle depends on the ratio of the ion collision frequency to ion cyclotron frequency in the lower ionosphere.

The large density gradients formed in the image cloud suggest that large growth rates due to the fradient drift E x B instability should occur.

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