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January 17, 2008

Greenland Got It Too

(note: in part 3 of aerial barium spraying conducted by nations including the United States government, we go to Greenland, where spraying was done there in 1987, from Defense Technical Information Center. For all 7 in our series, click DTIC link)

Evaluation of Space Plasma Data: Effects upon Spacecraft Materials and Predictions of Hazardous Conditions; Polar ARCS.

The Polar ARCS campaign consisted of a highly coordinated set of ground based, airborne, and in situ measurements of a polar cap aurora over
Sondrestrom, Greenland, on February 26, 1987.

Three charges of barium were injected into the F-region ionosphere immediately prior to the launch of a Black Brant IX rocket instrumented with AC and DC magnetometers, plasma wave and electric field probes, and ion/neutral and electron spectrometers.

Simultaneous electron density and line-of-sight measurements were made by the Sondrestrom incoherent scatter radar, and all-sky imaging photography was performed by the AFGL Airborne Ionospheric Observatory (AIO).

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