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December 14, 2007

Funny You Should Say That...

(note: below are quotes from a provocative article written in The New York Times by one of the current scientists openly advocating spraying chemical compounds in our atmosphere in order to curb rising Global temperatures)

How To Cool The Globe
Published: October 24, 2007

"If we could pour a five-gallon bucket’s worth of sulfate particles per second into the stratosphere, it might be enough to keep the earth from warming for 50 years. Tossing twice as much up there could protect us into the next century."
(image right is Animation of the Sulfur Cycle
from microbe

"A 1992 report from the National Academy of Sciences suggests that naval artillery, rockets and aircraft exhaust could all be used to send the particles up."
(image left showing how a gas-phase CO molecule adsorbs, interacts with an O neighbor, and finally desorbs as a CO2 molecule (C in green, O in red, the catalyst in grey) from

"Seeding the stratosphere might not work perfectly. But it would be cheap and easy
enough and is worth investigating."

"Which is the more environmentally sensitive thing to do: let the Greenland ice sheet collapse and polar bears become extinct, or throw a little sulfate in the stratosphere?"

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