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November 28, 2007

Russia Hums Too

(note: excerpts translated and edited from: IONOZOND PARUS- Russian Academy of Sciences)

Digital IONOZOND PARUS, developed IZMIRAN, is intended for vertical ionospheric sounding.

IONOZOND PARUS is designed to [give the] prompt diagnosis and prognosis [of the] ionosphere KV connection.

From 1993 to the present time, 10 copies of the device[have been put] in place and [are] working successfully in various cities in Russia and abroad.

(image left: SLAVNOM CITY TROITSKE , 30 OCTOBER 2003)

The IONOZONDA PARUS software provides operational management of all hardware in the process of sensing, automatic detection of radio signals reflected from the ionosphere, high-precision measurement, a multi-dimensional graphical presentation of results on a computer screen sensing and on the parameters determining the distribution of the electronic density of high-altitude ionosphere.

[The]Management Program ionosonde instrumentation allows for ionospheric sounding for all possible
ionosonde configurations . Probing may be carried out once, without interruption, as well as periodically.

Ionosonde PARUS
Europe and Asia locations map

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