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November 27, 2007

A Mysterious Method...

(note: edited excerpts and all images are from Etheric Rain Engineering website)


George K. C. Wuu, Chairman and CEO
Trevor James Constable, Chief Consultant

ETHERIC RAIN ENGINEERING, Pte. Ltd., is a Singapore corporation formed specifically for the commercial implementation of airborne etheric rain engineering.

[It] provides consulting and operational services strictly to governments having, or anticipating, drought difficulties in equatorial territories.

Effective airborne etheric translators were designed in 1994, initiating a revolutionary advance in etheric rain engineering. "Bull" translators are under four feet long, with [a] small cross-section and [are] light weight. (click above image for detail)

Airborne tests in Hawaii and Malaysia, proved that mobile rain engineering techniques developed in 14 years of high seas rain engineering experiments are far more effective in the airborne mode


Etheric rain engineering now has a powerful new dimension. Vast drought territories in equatoria may now be accessed by aircraft equipped for rain engineering. Existing clouds are not required. These techniques generate their own clouds, from zero if need be.

Throughout 1997-98, practical research continued with etheric rain engineering in the airborne mode. Successful airborne tests in Malaysia in October of 1997 proved that techniques pioneered in Hawaii were even more effective in equatoria. Rapid engineering of rainy weather, sometimes violent, made in-flight deactivation of the quarter-wave Bull units absolutely essential.

A helicopter fitted with a P-Gun is the ultimate rain engineering modality, as proven in Malaysia in April and May of 1998. Nothing in the history of etheric rain engineering development can compare with a helicopter for RESULTS.

A helicopter permits infinite adjustment of speed from the hover to more than 100 knots. Experience has proved that the greatest effects in etheric rain engineering usually develop at around 50-60 knots.

Helicopters are also unmatched observation platforms. Their ability to set down almost anywhere is ideal protection against violent weather.

Combined operation of a helicopter and a light aircraft, both equipped with P-Guns, allows thousands of drought [plagued] equatorial acres to be readily accessed and rained, almost like crop-dusting with water.

Planetary drought problems are advancing relentlessly, with their losses and tragedies and colossal waste. Countering desertification at [the] source, is beyond conventional, orthodox capabilities, which are essentially limited to mitigating the consequences of drought and managing water resources.

As a crisis scenario unfolds worldwide, every promising new approach to increasing and targeting rainfall should be tried, and judged exclusively by RESULTS.

Segamat, Malaysia, October 1997

Sequence (3 images at right) shows rapid response to 15 minute eastward rain engineering pass of aircraft, fitted with a quarter-wave Bull translator.

Camera faces east. 40 minutes after takeoff, with plane returned, rain is falling at Segamat airstrip.

Rain triggered by this operation persisted until 2am the next morning, drenching Segamat and extending approximately 60km to the north. There was thunder, lightning and rain throughout the region, which had been experiencing a dry spell.

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