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March 23, 2007

Twenty Minutes to Save Crops

(note: excerpt from a withdrawn paper for the 15th Conference on Planned and Inadvertant Weather Modification We borrow from the remaining abstract on the site.)

Towards a Tornado Suppression System
Valery N. Stasenko, Russian Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring, Moscow, Russia; and M. T. Abshaev

An operative tornado suppression system is foreseen based on positive results of cloud modification have been achieved. The surface-to-air rocket seeding system may be used to suppress growth of a tornado bearing cloud.

[The] main approach of the method is to seed deep convection clouds that revealed certain radar echo signatures ("bow echo"), which precedes tornado's touch down for a some time.

Mass volumetric seeding of a given cloud volume within 2 or 3 minutes after targeting and firing off coordinates calculating procedures gives a good chance to alter cloud dynamics by the concentrated in space and time modifying impact.

Russian rocket seeding technology has been successfully used in different climate regions of the world for agricultural crops [and] protection from hail damage.

Positive results of hail prevention (severe storm suppression in fact) in the mature "multi-cell" and "super-cell" storms let us make the first step to suppress such a dynamic process as tornado.

An integration of different sensors data ( information of the ALDF with IC lightning detection capability, cloud doppler radar signatures, satellite data on explosive cloud top growth and further descend) may result in 15-20 minutes advantage before [the] tornado's touch down, [which] is quite enough to activate the rocket protection system and to seed the selected cloud volume.

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