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March 23, 2007

Steering Monsoons Out To Sea

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Ops To Make Rain Over The Sea

PUTRAJAYA: Cloud-seeding operations are being carried out off the Johor and Pahang coasts with the help of the Royal Malaysia Air Force (RMAF) to steer rainfall onto the South China Sea.

The operations are designed to alleviate the flood situation in both states by making rain-bearing thunderclouds release their moisture over the ocean.

”There was one operation yesterday and we there was some rainfall on the ocean.

“We have planned two more cloud-seeding operations tomorrow,” a Meteorological Department official said when contacted.

National Security Division director (crisis and disaster management directorate) Che Moin Umar said flood victims returning to their homes after the water has [receded] would be provided basic rations like rice and drinks for a month by the Social Welfare Department.

“They will also receive cleaning utensils for use in their homes such as mops, pails and brushes.

“The department has been given a financial allocation for this,” he said after a meeting.

He said it had also been decided that any rescue flight in the flood affected states should be coordinated by the RMAF operations centre.

“This is in order to avoid any untoward accident,” he added.

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