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March 30, 2007

Nitric Oxide Speeds It Up

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Iranian young man Reza Kahouli awarded as one of world's four best inventors

Tabriz, East Azarbaijan prov, Oct 15. 2005

IRNA- Iranian inventor Reza Kahouli was awarded as [the] world's four best inventors by the British Inventors Society (BIS).

A student of Tabriz University majoring in mechanical engineering (design of solids), Kahouli managed to stand second at this year's World Inventions Competitions in the Swiss city of Geneva and win the special award for improvising a new method for cloud impregnation.

Several international prizes have so far been awarded to this young gifted Iranian educational elite for his scientific and intellectual potentials.

He is known for 16 inventions in various domains, the most important of which is the new method he has invented for cloud impregnation.

His invention was officially registered in the provincial capital city of Tabriz in mid-winter of 2005 and was approved by the scientific panel of Tabriz University. It was also presented at the 6th Kharazmi Youth Festival.

Reducing the duration of rainfall from 45 to 15 minutes, decreasing the expenses of relevant operations, increasing the soil content of nitrate, optimizing the farms productivity, development of technology and its export to the world are among the special features of the method using the nitric oxide gas to impregnate clouds.

Kahouli, born in the provincial town of Hashtroud in 1988, said that his main incentive for inventing the new method of cloud impregnation was to help increase productivity of cereals in his birth place.

The town of Hashtroud in the northwestern East Azarbaijan province with a 60,000 population situated to the south of the provincial capital of Tabriz is one of the most deprived areas of the province.

(Image left: Kandovan village, 50 km south of Tabriz, East Azarbaijan)

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