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March 25, 2007

Helping Hydro-Electric Plants

(note: excerpt from BBC News, 16 February 2007)

Tanzania to get rain-making help

Tanzania has been given permission to import rain-making technology from the king of Thailand, Thai media report.

The patented cloud-seeding technique involves aircraft releasing a chemical into clouds to induce rainfall.

A team of experts is to travel to the drought-prone East Africa nation to demonstrate it and train people, the Thai agriculture minister confirmed.

Last year, failed rains left millions of Tanzanians near starvation and affected electricity supplies.

The director of Thailand's Bureau of Royal Rainmaking Research said he was hopeful the technology would work successfully in Tanzania.

King Bhumibol Adulyadej's technique involves using two aircraft to seed warm and cold clouds at different altitudes.

This method is said to be particularly successful because it can more precisely target areas where the rain is to fall.

After a visit to Thailand last year, Tanzanian Prime Minister Edward Lowassa

said he intended to import the technology to boost power generation afffected by

the low levels in dams, Tanzania's Guardian newspaper reports.

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