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March 25, 2007

Cloud Seeding to Fight Haze

(note: from March 22, 2007, cached text of article)

Forest fires rage in Mae Hong Son (Thailand)

Forest fires continued to rage through five districts in Mae Hong Son province yesterday, while the haze situation in Chiang Mai and Lampang provinces has improved significantly.

Mae Hong Son governor Direk Konkleep said forest fires are still burning in vast areas of Muang, Khun Yuam, Mae La Noi, Mae Sariang and Sop Moei districts, while blazes in Pang Ma Pha and Pai districts have been contained and have gradually subsided.

Thick haze still covers a large area of the province. From March 1 to 19, the number of people who developed health problems as a result of the haze reached 4,205, he said.

In Chiang Mai, rain has helped clear the skies. After three weeks of thick haze, visibility in Chiang Mai yesterday was good enough for residents in Chiang Mai city to see pagodas on Doi Suthep.

The dust index has dropped to 91 ug/cu m but the province has decided not to cancel the disaster area announcement yet, officials said.

Lampang governor Amornthat Niratthisayakul said haze has disappeared from his province and the dust index has dropped to 61 ug/cu m.

Apichai Chingprapa, director of the Bureau of Royal Rainmaking and
Agricultural Aviation said his bureau will continue making rain to help clear the
haze in the North.

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