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January 12, 2007

Promoting Albedo Modification

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Stephen Hawking and Paul Crutzen Discuss Fate of the World in Israel
by Karin Kloosterman, Tel Aviv on 12.15.06
We were lucky to attend, on separate occasions, intimate lectures given by physicist Stephen Hawking and Nobel Laureate Paul Crutzen in Israel this week. Both lectures occurred at Tel Aviv University.

On Tuesday Stephen Hawking talked via a prerecorded lecture on the fate of the Universe and on Thursday Nobel Laureate Paul Crutzen hit home the message to the Porter School of Environmental Science that humankind better roll up its sleeves and come up with a quick fix solution to Global Warming-or else.

While Hawking’s far-fetched ideas of inhabiting other planets such as Mars seem inconceivable, Crutzen proposes an equally frightening concept: injecting Earth’s atmosphere with sulfur dioxide.

But that of course, he suggested, would be viable if we had no other solution. The question is, what kind of irreparable damage could such an “experiment” cost, at what point do we know when we have no hope left, and how could we get all the nations around the world to agree?

Professor Crutzen () proposes we artificially cool the global climate by releasing particles of sulphur in the upper atmosphere.

These particles would reflect sunlight and heat back into space.

The controversial proposal is being taken seriously by scientists because Professor Crutzen has a proven track record in atmospheric research.

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