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December 11, 2006

Texas Weather Modification Operations (SOAR)

(note: Excerpts from SOAR's website)

Seeding Operations & Atmospheric Research (SOAR)

New Frontiers in Weather Modification Research

Seeding Operations & Atmospheric Research (SOAR) is dedicated to provide weather modification operational services and atmospheric research technologies.

SOAR’s goals are to continue researching precipitation processes and atmospheric aerosol interactions, and to improve the capabilities of atmospheric research aircraft with new and modern instrumentation.

An Elite and Professional Group

SOAR prides itself in being an elite group of researchers and operators with a mission to conduct sound scientific weather modification research and cloud seeding operations efficiently, professionally and safely.

The SOAR main field office facility is located in Plains, TX. A fleet of aircraft is based in Plains and in other locations where cloud seeding or research operations are underway.

The pride of the SOAR fleet is a high performance cloud physics research aircraft, which has been used efficiently in highly focused research efforts.

This aircraft is equipped with the latest research grade instrumentation available in cloud physics and aerosol studies.

The SOAR crew is a very dedicated and highly trained group of professionals. SOAR employs and contracts with research meteorologists, operational meteorologists, weather modification pilots and research pilots.

Other personnel support the cloud seeding and atmospheric research operations such as mechanics and technicians.

Aircraft instrumentation

The SOAR Cheyenne II research aircraft is an airborne platform for atmospheric research consisting of instrumentation that has the capability of measuring in situ microphysical properties of clouds and their thermodynamic environment, documenting the composition of clouds and diagnosing the physical processes within them.

This aircraft has been especially modified and equipped for atmospheric research together with the crew and infrastructure needed to support its use.

The SOAR Cheyenne II research aircraft, entirely dedicated to atmospheric research, is a versatile flying laboratory offering several scientific configurations: basic meteorological instrumentation, turbulent flux equipment, microphysics sensors, and in-situ chemistry instruments. Access to the SOAR Cheyenne is offered to all research groups.

The facility is offered with the configuration required, including infrastructural, logistical, technical and scientific support.

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