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December 19, 2006

A Popular Face In Canada's WM Program


- Weather Modification Services

  • severe storm forecasting - hail, maximum wind gust and precipitation estimates
  • radar meteorology - storm tracking, aircraft control and optimum positioning
  • radar software - TITAN installation and training
  • past project evaluation - verification, cost-benefit analysis
  • quality assurance and control - policy and procedures review
  • equipment acquisition - aircraft, ground-generators, radar systems
  • ground-based seeding - proposals, equipment design and operation
  • training - theory and practice, night operations, forecasting, air traffic control
  • bid preparation - rain and snow enhancement, hail suppression
  • accidental weather modification - industrial targeting, post hoc analysis
  • staffing - providing technicians, meteorologists, pilots and electronic engineers

- Weatherdyne International

Providing operational, research and consulting services in six key renewable energy areas.

1) boundary layer modelling - wind farm pre-assessment and tower placement,

2) land acquisition - lease and option negotiation for wind farm development,

3) wind profile measurement - SODAR operations, WAsP resource assessment,

4) energy demand forecasts - heating, cooling, winter storm incidence and tracking,

5) site hazard evaluation - climate change and severe weather risk assessment.

6) general forecasts - lightning and storm hazard, daily wind risk, real-time icing and severe weather assessment.


Past projects include:
- the hail suppression program of the Alberta Research Council,

-paleoclimate studies for the Geological Survey of Canada,

-rain enhancement over the City of Istanbul,

-observations and pilot briefings with Environment Canada,

-hail/rain forecasting and aircraft control for WMI,

-ice-nuclei studies for the State of Texas,

-aircraft routing and international forecasting as Director of Meteorological Operations for Skyplan International,ground-generator operations with Irving Krick Associates,

-bid proposals for Kenn Borek Air,

-appearances on Access Television,

-and numerous specialty and forensic studies for national and international mining, renewable energy and utility companies, including VisionQuest Windelectric.

-International projects and emergency operations are a specialty.

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