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December 22, 2006

Plan for Future Weather Modification Pt. 3

Part 1, Part 2

WMA Annual Meeting (part 3)
San Diego, Ca. 2005;
16th Weather Modification Conf. 1.11 (PDF)

A Plan for the next phase in Weather Modification Science
and Technology Development

Program Objectives:

The initial program-wide objectives are:

1. Develop a system to identify and monitor all atmospheric environmental conditions that are good candidates for beneficial modification through its developed technologies.

2. Develop technologies to more
efficiently treat

a. traditional cold and warm
cloud systems

b. weather and environmental

3. Validate/verify the operational and computational aspects of weather modification technologies and systems developed under this program.

4. Develop strategies to minimize the effects from the inadvertent
modification of atmospheric conditions (formerly termed inadvertent weather modification).

5. Create a proactive professional development and public outreach activity.

An effective outreach activity should not only feed the scientific and engineering communities through publications and presentations, but also provide the public with a better understanding of its mission
through the number of activities it sponsors or coordinates and the access it provides.

It will coordinate the technology transfer to participate by running an appropriate simulator, or by setting up volunteer programs that allow them to help collect data needed for model verification and development.

The outreach activity could also help concentrate the overwhelming collection of scientific, engineering, and technological knowledge gained since the 1940's.

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