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December 13, 2006

Faces of China Weather Modification Program

Excerpts from:
CAS China Newsletter
,No.33,April, 2004

The WMO Prize Goes to Chinese Scientist for the First Time

At the WMO "International Meteorological Organization Prize" awarding ceremony held on 24 February at the Great Hall of the People, Prof. Duzheng Ye, senior CAS (Chinese Academy of Science) member and Honorary Chairman of the Chinese Meteorology Society received the 48th International Meteorological Organization Prize awarded by WMO.

Dr. Bedritsky, the WMO Chairman spoke highly of the 88-year-old Chinese scientist. He said that Prof. Ye is a scientist who is held in the greatest esteem and enjoys great popularity worldwide. He awarded Prof. Duzheng Ye the supreme honor for the world's meteorologist, the International Meteorology Organization Prize, in honor of the outstanding contributions he made to the meteorological research, education and international cooperation.

Prof. Duzheng Ye said, "the International Meteorological Organization Prize winners in the past were all world famous scholars who made important contributions to the atmospheric science. I am extremely honored today to be among the ranks of these scientists".

Yongxiang Lu Meets M. Jarraud, Secretary General of WMO

Yongxiang Lu, President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences received a visit by Mr. M. Jarraud, Secretary General of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO wikipedia link) at the CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences, wikipedia link) Headquarters on 23 February.

Yongxiang Lu briefed the visitors on the development situation and achievements of
CAS in recent years. The host and the guests looked back on the history of long-term cooperation between CAS and WMO, and both sides were satisfied at the achievements. Yongxiang Lu specially mentioned the effective cooperation between the three parties of CAS, TWAS and WMO in running the Forum Series on International Climate (CTWF). Yongxiang Lu cordially invited Mr. Jarraud to be the co-Chairman of this session of CTWF.

Since its establishment
in 2000, the Forum has successfully convened two large scale international symposia in 2001 and 2002 respectively, and an international training course on short-term climatic prediction in 2003.

These activities strongly promoted the advancement in the study of climatology, and provided the young scientists, especially the young scholars from the developing countries with valuable chances for study and exchanges. Mr. Jarraud held quite the same opinion and was happy about the achievements made by the Forum.

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