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November 19, 2006

Idaho Power Company Recoups 2004-05 WM Costs

(note: The Idaho Power Company won their case by convincing the Idaho Public Utilities Commission that its' ongoing work in the cloud seeding field deserved reimbursement. Here is the PDF file of the entire case.

On October 21, 2004, The Idaho Power Company filed an Application for an accounting order to allow recovery of its cloud seeding program costs for the winter of 2004-2005.

The Application states that the Company has operated a cloud seeding program for a number of years and that the Commission did not allow recovery of its expenses in the Company s recent general rate case.

The Company filed with its Application additional information that it asserts
demonstrates scientifically measured benefits of the Company's cloud seeding program during the winter of 2003-2004.

Noting that the Company has funded two years of cloud seeding without any cost recovery, the Application states Idaho Power would like to be able to recover its
costs associated with continuing its program during the winter of 2004-2005.

Idaho Power is not asking the Commission to defer expenditures associated with the cloud seeding program on a long-term basis, but is requesting only that the Commission authorize the Company to defer the expenses associated with the program during the upcoming winter. The Company estimates those costs to be approximately $950 000.

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