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November 26, 2006

The Connection Between Electricity and Weather Modification

(note: The fishbone appearance of many artificial clouds, as in the image above, is explained in a 1987 patent submitted by Bernard J. Eastlund outlining exploiting Earth's magnetic bands circling the planet. Ideas included superheating the upper atmosphere for the transmission of communications, or forcing electrified 'clouds' upwards to remain in the atmosphere for extended periods of time, as well as other unconventional uses for the new technology.) original patent


(PDF doc)

Inventor: Bernard J. Eastlund, Spring, Tex.

In the late 1950's, it was discovered that natur
ally-occurring belts exist at high altitudes above the earth's surface, and it is now established that these belts result from charged electrons and ions becoming trapped along the magnetic lines of force (field lines) of the earth's essentially dipole magnetic field.

The trapped electrons and ions are confined along the field lines between two magnetic mirrors which exist at spaced apart points along those field lines.

The trapped electrons and ions move in helical paths around their particular
field lines and
"bounce" back and forth between the magnetic mirrors.

These trapped
electrons and ions can oscillate along the field lines for long periods of time.

The ionosphere, while it may overlap some of the trapped-particle
belts, is a region in which hydrostatic forces govern its particle distribution in the gravitational field.

Particle motion within the ionosphere is governed by both hydrodynamic and electrodynamic forces.

While there are few trapped particles in the ionosphere, nevertheless, plasma is prese
nt along field lines in the ionosphere.

The earth's magnetic field is somewhat analogous to a dipole bar magnet. As such, the earth's magnetic field contains numerous divergent field or force lines, each line intersecting the earth's surface at points on opposite sides of the Equator.

The field lines which intersect the earth's surface near the poles have apexes which lie at the furthest points in the earth's magnetosphere while those closest to the Equator have apexes which reach only the lower portion of the magnetosphere.

As known in plasma physics, the characteristics of a plasma can be altered by adding energy to the charged particles or by ionizing or exciting additional particles to increase the density of the plasma.

One way to do this is by heating the plasma which can be accomplished in different ways, e.g., ohmic, magnetic compression, shock waves, magnetic pumping, electron cyclotron resonance, and the like.

In one embodiment, circularly polarized electromagnetic radiation is transmitted upward in a direction substantially parallel to and along a field line which extends through the region of plasma to be altered.

In another embodiment of the invention, electron cyclotron resonance heating is carried out in the selected region or regions at sufficient power levels to allow a plasma present in the region to generate a mirror force which forces the charged electrons of the altered plasma upward along the force line to an altitude which is higher than the original altitude.

In this case the relevant mirror points are at the base of the altered region or regions. The charged electrons drag ions with them as well as other particles that may be present.

Sufficient power, e.g., 10^15 joules, can be applied so that the altered plasma can be trapped on the field line between mirror points and will oscillate in space for prolonged periods of time.

By this embodiment, a plume of altered plasma can be established at selected locations for communication modification or other purposes.

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